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IMPACT Wrestling Wallpaper!

IMPACT Wrestling Wallpaper / New Impact Wallpaper

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“Wrestling Matters Here!…”

As part of the re launch of TNA ‘s flagship program, TNA Impact! will now be called “Impact Wrestling” with the tag line “Wrestling Matters Here”. Emphasizing the importance of and nature of the show as it is Wrestling in the first place. Now it shouldn’t be just a tag line but rather a step towards giving more wrestling action that the fans would love if it is to become effective. I hope this time the creative team of TNA will finally give the push to the younger talents and develop more interesting angles in the process. The Knockouts department needs to be a showcase of  womens wrestling again as it was known in their earlier days.

So here’s an updated – revamped version…Where Wrestling Matters!

BWA Wrestling Wallpaper presents the 2011 Roster of  IMPACT Wrestling Wallpaper!


Sacrifice 2011 Match Card Wallpaper!

Sacrifice Wallpaper / Impact Wrestling Wallpaper

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“Non Stop Action = Impact Wrestling!”

Okay, so TNA Wrestling started re branding their flagship program naming it as “Impact Wrestling”. Honestly I prefer the former name it had but on the other hand I guess it would be great too If they made it a point that they are in fact a Wrestling company & is definitely proud being recognized as such. Everyone knows the same can no longer be said about the other former Wrestling company (you know who I’m talking about). I’m definitely not gonna point out the many why’s and how’s  that has happened because it has already been talked about a lot already on other wrestling sites. But one thing’s for sure I am not a fan of such moved.

On the most recent episode of now “Impact Wrestling”, Mick Foley is back and is revealed to be the Network’s representative thereby making sure that there would now be a check and balanced for the Hogan, Bischoff and Flair regime. Surprisingly Chyna debuted as well as Kurt Angle’s partner for the Sacrifice match against Jeff & Karen Jarrett. Mr. Anderson came out victorious in the 25 Man Battle Royal main event once again placing him in another title contention whoever would come out victorious with the Sting vs. RVD  World Heavyweight Title match also on Sacrifice.

Here’s a rundown of the Match Card Line Up for the PPV Sacrifice


Rob Van Dam vs. Champion “The Icon” Sting


Kurt Angle and Chyna vs. The Jarretts


Matt Hardy and Chris Harris vs. Beer Money


Max Buck vs. Champion Kazarian


AJ Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer


Madison Rayne vs. champion Mickie James


Mexican America vs. Ink Inc


Abyss vs. Crimson and Kendrick vs. Robbie E


BWA Wrestling Wallpapers presents Sacrifice 2011 Match Card Wallpaper!

Impact! 2011 Roster Wallpaper!

Impact Roster Wallpaper / TNA Wrestling Wallpaper

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Version 2 / 1920×1200 HD Updated Version 3 1280×800 | 1920×1200 HD / + Requested 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper

There really isn’t much to be said though but very recently Impact has been seeing a fairly decent increase in it’s viewership ratings considering it’s within the Mania season…All the fans can hope for is that they(TNA) listen to what the fans really wanted to see..Personally I would love to see more of the X-Division guys in action and less of the predictable screw ups.

Anyway here’s the current active roster wallpaper of Impact!

BWA Wrestling Wallpaper presents Impact 2011 Wallpaper!


Rest assured I’ll be coming up with a 2011 WWE Raw and Smackdown Roster Wallpaper as well!

That’s coming soon of course… 🙂

Victory Road 2011 Match Card Wallpaper!

TNA Victory Road 2011 Wallpaper / Victory Road Match Card Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1920×1200 HD

After the surprise return to TNA of “The Icon” Sting and defeating the former champion Jeff Hardy, a re match is inevitably in order and as such deemed to be the first title defense of Sting after his comeback.

Here’s the current announced line ups for the upcoming Victory Road Pay-Per-View event!

Jeff Hardy vs. (c) Sting

Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan

Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam

Matt Hardy vs. AJ Styles

Jeremy Buck vs. Max Buck vs. (c) Kazarian vs. Robbie E

Ink Inc vs. (c) Beer Money

Bully Ray vs. Tommy Dreamer

Sarita & Rosita vs. (c) Angelina Love & Winter

New! TNA Bound For Glory Match Card Wallpaper!

Bound For Glory Wallpaper / Bound For Glory 2010 / TNA Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1440×900 | 1920×1200 HD

As I previously mentioned in my recent post that I’ll be coming up with the match card wallpaper well, here it is the TNA Bound For Glory Match Card Wallpaper!…

Personally I prefer last years match line ups as compared this year but with TNA’s promised of Bigger & Better or exciting surprised to be revealed on the event itself here’s hoping it will really be more memorable than BFG edition last year. One more thing though ( I hope that whoever “THEY”  as what’s Abyss has been talking about the last few months would truly be worthy of such long build ups (It would be crazy if the “THEY” would turn out to be another backstage weapon; i.e. steel chair, ladder with barbs, garbage cans etc all named individually…lol)

Being a huge TNA fan myself I’m looking forward to see this epic event in the making.

and so

BWA Wallpaper presents “10-10-10” The TNA Bound For Glory Wallpaper!!


Finally here’s the line ups for the upcoming Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View!


The main event of the Pay-Per-View will be:


Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson vs. “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy

Monster’s Ball: Rob Van Dam vs. “The Monster” Abyss

Lethal Lockdown: Ric Flair’s Fourtune vs. EV2.0

Handicap Match: Sting, Kevin Nash & The Pope vs. Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe

Tag Team Title: Motor City Machineguns vs. Generation Me

X Division Title: Douglas Williams vs. Jay Lethal

Knockouts Title: Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tara

Tag Team Match: Eric Young & Orlando Jordan vs. Ink Inc.

Team 3D will make a major announcement at the Pay-Per-View

Plus, who are “THEY” that Abyss has promised will be at the Pay-Per-View event?

New! No Surrender 2010 Match Card Wallpaper!

No Surrender Wallpaper / TNA Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1920×1200 HD

It’s just a day away till TNA’s Pay-Per-View No Surrender 2010 to happen. Currently this are the line ups as announced in their website. Well as you know BWA Wrestling Wallpapers has been out for a short hiatus  for almost a week after reaching it’s band with allowance due to a large increase in site traffic. As a return post here’s the TNA No Surrender Match Card Wallpaper!

Matches Includes:

1. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy Semi-Finals of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament ; If Angle loses, he will retire from wrestling

2. Mr. Anderson vs. D’Angelo Dinero Semi-Finals of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

3. The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) (c) vs. London Brawling (Desmond Wolfe and Brutus Magnus) Tag team match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

4. A.J. Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer –  “I Quit” match

5. Sting and Kevin Nash vs. Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe – Tag Team Match

6. Douglas Williams (c) vs. Sabu Singles match for the TNA X Division Championship

7. Rhino vs. Abyss – Anywhere falls count  match

8. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne – Singles match

No Surrender will take place on September 5, 2010 at the TNA Impact! Zone in Orlando, Florida.

New! Tommy Dreamer "Impact!" Wallpaper!

Tommy Dreamer Wallpaper / TNA Wallpaper / Tommy Dreamer Impact Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1920×1200 HD

Thomas James “Tom” Laughlin better  known as Tommy Dreamer is now in TNA Wrestling!.

A hardcore legend and is considered as the “heart and soul” of ECW!

At his time in WWE  he had been  a 14 -time WWF/E Hardcore Champion and a 2 – time world champion, holding  the ECW World Heavyweight Champion 2 times (once in ECW, once in WWE).

With Tommy aboard the Impact zone, it would be exciting to see how his arrival would affect the current situations of alliances in the storyline of TNA.

BWA Wrestling Wallpapers presents – Tommy Dreamer!!

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