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Gail Kim Wallpaper!

GailKim Preview

Gail Kim Wallpaper (Peview)

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She’s probably one of the best all around TNA Kockout member and female wrestler today — Gail Kim! With her stunning looks and incredible talent, as a performer inside the ring she will no doubt leave you hanging for more. Well show then your love & support by adoring your gadgets with her wallpaper now!  Get it on or get KO’d!

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New! Mickie James “Hardcore Country” Wallpaper!

Mickie James Wallpaper / TNA Knockout Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1920×1200 HD | Version2 HD

Since her return to TNA ring on October 7, 2010 at the Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View as a special guest referee on a Knockout’s Championship between Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne and Tara,  She immediately get into a heated feud against the latter (Tara) who is blaming her for taking the spot and pushing her out of the competition in WWE. Hardcore matches and backstage brawl among fellow Knockouts showed how tough she could be and thus making sure that others may know she’s in for the long run and gunning for the top spot in the TNA Women’s division.

Talented, tough and an immediate fan favorites of the Impact zone, it is just a matter of time before she realize her goal of becoming the Knockout champion!…

BWA Wrestling Wallpaper presents TNA Knockout Mickie James “Hardcore Country” Wallpaper!

New! Angelina Love Wallpaper 2!

Angelina Love Wallpaper 2 / TNA Knockout Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1920×1200 HD

Angelina Love is currently on the trail of re claiming the Knockouts title from Madison Rayne. I love Madison but I do think that it’s about time Angelina or anybody else in the TNA Knockouts locker room win the title from her. I miss watching the likes of Taylor, Sarita, Hamada, Roxxi, ODB and Tara do wrestling not just mere posing and entertaining. It’s what sets them apart in the first place.  As of now Love seems to be the nearest to be doing that and it would be nice if shes got to have that back and create a new angle for the Knockouts.



Originality on story lines in Wrestling seems to be tackled a lot and I don’t think any wrestling company could boast off without having been guilty of re using another angles or arc that had been used in the past not even the leading company today  is bullet proof from that. Certain angles do bring about another excitement when done right and if more fans clamor for that then naturally it shall be the company’s decision and I believe it wouldn’t hurt much to see sometimes thing’s get played out in another tune in another time. It’s just like movies having been remake or re-envisioned or Songs being revived. Just to make sure though, I still prefer to see new shows with original flavor in it. Who would not want to see new things and more exciting shows that totally innovates the way fans would view wrestling as a whole, of course we all would.

I would love to see both wrestling company someday to compete  in the level playing field and give their best shows every time for the fans.  Right now  TNA seems to be taking that baby steps one at a time, it’s a rough road though not an easy tasks for sure but for taking the risks every time to offer an alternative and exciting show is already commendable on my belief. With loads and I mean lots of talented and exciting young and rising stars in their turf waiting to be given the big pushed as well as recognizable names to paved the way for them what could be not right then?.

There was a time not so long ago that you would hardly see TNA Wallpapers around (of course you’d see certain sites claiming they do TNA stuffs but in reality you could just count them in your hands, lol)… but right now with the influx of site creating Wallpapers for TNA Superstars and the fact that there’s an increase in the downloads/request for TNA Wallpapers isn’t that a good sign that they are actually growing their fans one at a time?If not what then lol…I’m not just  a follower of brands but in wrestling as a whole. And to add or share  just a little something for fellow wrestling fans via WallArts or Wallpapers in their gadgets to enjoy and to appreciate is a good reward for all the efforts I exerted. 🙂

going back to today’s post

In my book, Angelina Love deserves to be the next Knockouts champions

and so…

BWA Wrestling Wallpapers presents Angelina Love “Coming out For You” Wallpaper!!

New! Madison Rayne Wallpaper!

TNA Knockout Madison Rayne Wallpaper / Madison Rayne Wallpaper / TNA Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1920×1200 HD

Ashley Nichole Simmons better known as Madison Rayne is an American professional wrestler currently signed to TNA Wrestling. She is the current TNA Knockouts Champion and the co holder of  TNA Knockouts Tag Team champion alongside her Beautiful People stable.

She joined TNA Wrestling  in 2009 , as the new recruit of the  Angelina Love and Velvet Sky stable “The Beautiful People”.

She is also set to defend her title against the number one contender for the Knockouts championship title – Angelina Love in the upcoming TNA Pay-Per-View “Victory Road”.

BWA Wrestling Wallpaper presents the extremely hot knockout – Madison Rayne!!

New Beautiful People Wallpaper!

Beautiful People Wallpaper / TNA Knockouts Wallpaper / TNA Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1440×900 | 1920×1200 HD

TNA’s resident drop dead sexy Knockouts! The Beautiful People currently hold all the title in the Knockout/ Women’s division.

Impact zone won’t be complete without these knockouts making the fans temperatures rise and wanting for more.

Without further a do BWA Wrestling Wallpapers presents Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne and Lacey Von Erich – The Beautiful People Wallpaper!!

New Tara Wallpaper!

Tara Wallpaper / TNA Knockout Wallpaper / TNA Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1920×1200 HD

New TNA Knockout Tara 2010 Wallpaper!

Lisa Marie Varon – once known in WWE as Victoria and is now known as Tara in TNA Wrestling is an American female bodybuilder, fitness competitor and professional wrestler.

In TNA she is a former,  3 -time TNA Women’s Knockout Champion!

She made her TNA debut on the May 28, 2009 edition of TNA Impact! under the ring name Tara of course which is later revealed to be short for “Tarantula”

Bringing in her pet tarantula named Poison she has made a big impact for himself and proven she too can hang with the best the TNA knockouts locker room has to offer and even dominate it.

Without further a do…

BWA wrestling wallpapers presents the sexy and alluring knockout – Tara!!

New Angelina Love Wallpaper!

Angelina Love Wallpaper / TNA Knockout Wallpaper / TNA Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1920×1200 HD

Lauren Williams better known as Angelina Love is a Canadian professional wrestler, who is currently signed at TNA Wrestling, where she is the reigning 3 time TNA Women’s Knockout Champion. Once a part of the group “The Beautiful People” where she and fellow Knockout Velvet Sky once co founded. Currently she is on a heated feud with her former team mates.

She’s hot and she’s got great Knockout talent..

She’s Angelina Love!

BWA Wrestling Wallpapers presents TNA Knockout Angelina Love!!

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