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Updated! WrestleMania 27 Match Card Wallpaper!

Wrestlemania 27 Complete Match Card Wallpaper / Wrestlemania 27 Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1200 HD

Just hours away from the biggest Pay-Per-View event of the year WrestleMania 27! here’s an updated Match Card version wallpaper!


BWA Wrestling Wallpaper presents Wrestlemania 27 Complete Match Card Wallpaper!


WrestleMania 27 Match Card Wallpaper!

Wrestlemania 27 Wallpaper / Wrestlemania 27 Match Card Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1200 HD

With just a few more days away till the biggest Pay-Per-View event of the year happens, the Mania fever just keeps getting higher…

So far here’s the current line ups announced;

John Cena vs. The Miz (C)   – WWE Championship Match

Edge (C) vs. Alberto Del Rio  – World Heavyweight Championship Match

The Undertaker vs. Triple H  – No Holds Barred Match

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk  – Singles Match

Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole with Jack Swagger  – Feat. Special Guest Referee “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

Rey Mysterio vs. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes  – Singles Match

Sheamus (C) vs. Daniel Bryan  – United States Championship Match

John Morrison, Trish Stratus, Snooki vs. Dolph Ziggler & Lay-Cool

With The Rock as the Special Guest!.

BWA Wrestling Wallpaper presents Wrestlemania 27 Match Card Wallpaper!

Triple H vs. The Undertaker WrestleMania 27 Wallpaper!

Undertaker vs. Triple H Wallpaper / Triple H & The Undertaker Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1200 HD

If you think big, this one’s it. Get the “Deadman” and “the Game” together in 1 stage and that happens to be WrestleMania, what could possibly go off? This is one match I wouldn’t wanna miss. Both superstars & legends happened to be back at same night on “2-21-11” and Mania gets to be even better!

Here’s the first take I’ll be posting for Wrestlemania Wallpapers, this one made even darker, literally.

BWA Wrestling Wallpapers presents Triple H vs. Undertaker WrestleMania 27 Wallpaper!

The Ultimate Dream Match!

The Ultimate Dream Match! “The Icon” Sting vs. “The Phenom” Undertaker

Fans of both the Deadman and the Stinger have long been waiting for this dream match to happen. Both Legends, Icons and well respected names in the wrestling world. Sting is probably one of the biggest name in wrestling to never step or compete in the WWE ring and is considered the franchise of the defunct WCW. On the other side comes the Deadman, one of WWE’s most valuable performer and a name synonymous to greatness. An encounter between this two legends of the ring would truly be an epic event waiting to happen. With the advent of the “2-21-2011” teaser from Raw, rumors had once again tickled the minds of the fans to fantasize about the coming of the Stinger to WWE, a possible induction into the Hall of Fame and finally the Dream match against the Undertaker to finally be realized. Nothing as of the moment though can be heard from either WWE or TNA to even infer that Sting may have signed with the former or re-signed with the latter so it’s all just as it is – rumors.

Sure I would love to see this event to happen but right now I think I’d rather not expect much from all of this rumblings going on in the net, however since I’m a huge fan of both the Deadman and the Stinger I’d like to share this video I made about two years ago about a sort of simple teaser for a Sting vs. Undertaker dream match and a Music Video (at the bottom). I have featured this already in my former site but since its the hot topic right now I’m featuring it here on BWA now.

I’m not a pro at doing Music videos just a casual wrestling fan like you do. Anyway here it is… enjoy!

The Undertaker vs. Sting “It’s Going Down”

By the way if you have any reactions or comments with regards to Raw’s “2-21-211” or with this fan made video,… why not share it on the comments section at the bottom and let others see what you think.

Disclaimer: This video post is intended for entertainment purpose only and is not geared towards gaining monetary returns. Character names, logos, music, and any other trademarks used in here are credited to their respective trademark owners. No Copyrights Infringement Is Intended.

New! Wrestling Legend: The Undertaker Wallpaper!

The Undertaker Wallpaper / The Deadman Wallpaper / Wrestling Legend Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1440×900 | 1920×1200 HD

Wearing a trench coat and black hat with grey gloves and boot covers. Undertaker’s Deadman persona was impervious to pain and relentlessly coming back even after taking punishements amde him a formidable foe to beat.

His WrestleMania debut at WrestleMania VII, quickly gained him an unstoppable aura after eliminating “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka in an easy pin. The win would later go down in history as the first in his undefeated streak at the Wrestlemania event. During this time he had some notable fueds with the likes of The Ultimate Warrior,  Randy Savage, Sid Justice, Sgt. Slaughter, and Hulk Hogan, whom he defeated to win his first WWE/F Championship at Survivor Series though 6 days later he would lost the title back to Hogan as WWF President Jack Tunney ordered the rematch held at  “This Tuesday in Texas”.

To this day The Undertaker’s popularity continue to grow and his legendary status forever cemented in the Walls of the Wrestling History.

BWA Wrestling Wallpapers presents – “The Phenom” The Undertaker!!

New Smackdown 2010 Wallpaper!

Smackdown Roster Wallpaper / WWE Wallpaper / Smackdown 2010 Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1920×1200 HD

Here’s an updated 2010 Smackdown Roster Wallpaper!

Featuring: The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston (Intercontinental Champion), MVP, Matt Hardy, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Big Show, Kane, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, Finlay, Luke Gallows, JTG, Hornswoggle, Tyler Reks, Vance Archer, Michelle McCool, Layla, Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, Tiffany, Serena, Chavo Guerrero, Chris Masters, Caylen Croft, Shad, Trent Barreta, Curt Hawkins and Jack Swagger – the current (World Heavyweight Champion),

BWA Wrestling Wallpapers presents – WWE Smackdown 2010 Wallpaper!!

bugbytes WallArts 2! Reloaded!!

BWA Reloaded

BWA Reloaded Banner

1920×1200 HD

Welcome to the new home of BWA Wrestling Wallpapers!

After being gone from a short hiatus well I’m finally back once again…lol

Some of the contents in my former site had been transferred here as back up, while some remains as an exclusive to that

but for the upcoming and latest Wallpaper will now be posted here no doubt about it.

Geared to give you more of your favorite Wrestling Wallpapers stuffs and then there’s more in stored of course.

the name site sounds the same so you won’t get lost. So with that Welcome Once again to all BWA buddies!

New SmackDown Roster Wallpaper!

SmackDown Roster Wallpaper / WWE Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | 800×600 | 1280×800 | 1280×1024 | 1440×900 | 1920×1200 HD

New 2010 SMACKDOWN Wallpaper!

It’s the powerhouse roster of WWE’s Smackdown brand as both top title holder leads featuring WWE Champion Chris Jericho and World Heavyweight Champion Batista.

The returning and Royal Rumble 2010 winner and number one contender – Edge!

not to missed is of course “The Phenom” Undertaker. Rey Mysterio, John Morrison, Matt Hardy,

R-Truth and the straight edge heel preacher CM Punk.

Completing the line ups are the fighting Irishman – Finlay, “Big Red Machine” (btw, bring back the real monster that is) Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Great Khali, Luke Gallows, Ezekiel Jackson, the ever loyal Smackdown star -Kung Fu Naki, David Hart Smith, WWE Divas – Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Maria, Layla, with Tyson Kidd, Charlie Haas, Mike Knoxx and the Intercontinental champion Drew McIntyre.

BWA Presents – The SmackDown Roster Wallpaper!!

Originally Posted Last Feb.4, 2010

New Wrestlemania 26 Wallpaper!

Wrestlemania 26 Wallpaper / Undertaker / Shawn Michaels / Triple H / Batista / John Cena

PSP Wallpaper | iPhone Screen | 800×500 | 1024×768 | 1280×800 | 1920×1200 HD

42 More Days to go before the Biggest and the Grandest Pay-Per-View Event of the Year Hits the Wrestling world again! – It’s Wrestlemania 26!!!

This year, WWE’s WrestleMania will be held on Glendale ,Phoenix Arizona.

With the Mania excitement already buzzing it’s gonna be another history in the making event for all wrestling fans around the globe.

Well on that note BWA Presents the WrestleMania 26 Wallpaper Tribute!


Originally Posted last Feb.15, 2010

New "The Phenom" The Undertaker Wallpaper!

The Undertaker Wallpaper / WWE Wallpaper / Wrestling Legend Wallpaper

Avatar | PSP Wallpaper | iPhone Screen | 800×500 | 1280×800

Mark William Callaway more popularly known as The Undertaker is currently signed to WWE SmackDown brand where he is the current World Heavyweight Champion.

Undertaker (Callaway) began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling in 1984. He joined World Championship Wrestling (WCW) as “Mean” Mark Callous in 1989. When WCW did not renew Calaway’scontract in 1990, he joined the World Wrestling Federation (which later became World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002) as The Undertaker in November of that year. Having remained with that company ever since, Calaway is currently one of the senior performers in the WWE.

The Undertaker remains, along with Shawn Michaels, one of only two full-time wrestlers that made an appearance in the very first episode of Monday Night Raw, who are still with the company today.

The Undertaker has two contrasting gimmicks:the Deadman and the American Bad Ass. The specialty matches connected to The Undertaker (or more specifically, his “Deadman” persona) are the Casket match, the Buried Alive match, the infamous Hell in a Cell, and the Last Ride match. The Undertaker’s storyline half-brother is Kane, whom he has teamed up with as the Brothers of Destruction.

The Undertaker is undefeated at WrestleMania with a 17–0 record and is recognized by WWE as a seven time world champion, having won the WWE Championship four times and the World Heavyweight Championship three times. He is also a one-time WWF Hardcore champion and has won the WWF Tag Team championship six times and the WCW Tag Team Championship once. The Undertaker was the winner of the 2007 Royal Rumble and became the first man to win the Rumble at number 30.


A legend that is still a larger than life persona in the ring, a dark entrance and theme, with a menacing stand and a striking pose more than sums up the force that is truly for the one and only “PHENOM!” the Deadman!!

BWA presents this tribute wallpaper to –  “The Phenom” The Undertaker!!

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