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Impact! 2011 Roster Wallpaper!

Impact Roster Wallpaper / TNA Wrestling Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1200 HD

Version 2 / 1920×1200 HD Updated Version 3 1280×800 | 1920×1200 HD / + Requested 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper

There really isn’t much to be said though but very recently Impact has been seeing a fairly decent increase in it’s viewership ratings considering it’s within the Mania season…All the fans can hope for is that they(TNA) listen to what the fans really wanted to see..Personally I would love to see more of the X-Division guys in action and less of the predictable screw ups.

Anyway here’s the current active roster wallpaper of Impact!

BWA Wrestling Wallpaper presents Impact 2011 Wallpaper!


Rest assured I’ll be coming up with a 2011 WWE Raw and Smackdown Roster Wallpaper as well!

That’s coming soon of course… 🙂


New! TNA Bound For Glory Match Card Wallpaper!

Bound For Glory Wallpaper / Bound For Glory 2010 / TNA Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1440×900 | 1920×1200 HD

As I previously mentioned in my recent post that I’ll be coming up with the match card wallpaper well, here it is the TNA Bound For Glory Match Card Wallpaper!…

Personally I prefer last years match line ups as compared this year but with TNA’s promised of Bigger & Better or exciting surprised to be revealed on the event itself here’s hoping it will really be more memorable than BFG edition last year. One more thing though ( I hope that whoever “THEY”  as what’s Abyss has been talking about the last few months would truly be worthy of such long build ups (It would be crazy if the “THEY” would turn out to be another backstage weapon; i.e. steel chair, ladder with barbs, garbage cans etc all named individually…lol)

Being a huge TNA fan myself I’m looking forward to see this epic event in the making.

and so

BWA Wallpaper presents “10-10-10” The TNA Bound For Glory Wallpaper!!


Finally here’s the line ups for the upcoming Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View!


The main event of the Pay-Per-View will be:


Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson vs. “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy

Monster’s Ball: Rob Van Dam vs. “The Monster” Abyss

Lethal Lockdown: Ric Flair’s Fourtune vs. EV2.0

Handicap Match: Sting, Kevin Nash & The Pope vs. Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe

Tag Team Title: Motor City Machineguns vs. Generation Me

X Division Title: Douglas Williams vs. Jay Lethal

Knockouts Title: Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tara

Tag Team Match: Eric Young & Orlando Jordan vs. Ink Inc.

Team 3D will make a major announcement at the Pay-Per-View

Plus, who are “THEY” that Abyss has promised will be at the Pay-Per-View event?

New! BWA Wrestling Banners Wallpaper!

BWA Wrestling Banners!


I was bored and had no idea what’s the next Wallpaper that I might feature here, but since I might be using another version of my logo I decided to make a banner instead. Played around with the idea a little bit and this is what it looks afterward.

You may download it if you like and posts it on your gadgets as a Wallpaper of course. Well as a reminder you may download anything you like here for as long as you do not sell or use it in exchange of monetary gains. As we all are huge fans of wrestling, lets keep this site free from infringing activity and keep things clean.

For the continued support (visit, downloads etc.)  thanks to all first time visitors and certified BWA buddies!


BWA Banner / Rey Mysterio Wallpaper – 1280×800 | 1920×1200 HD

BWA Banner / Motor City Machine Guns Wallpaper – 1280×800 | 1920×1200 HD

New! Motor City Machine Guns "World Tag Team Champions" Wallpaper!

Motor City Machine Guns Wallpaper / Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin Wallpaper / TNA Wallpapers

PSP Wallpaper | iPhone Screen | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1440×900 | 1920×1200 HD

Champions At last…

It’s no secret that this two guys are among today’s most talented and daredevil duos, both as a single unit in a tag team or as an individual wrestler, they’re simply great. Capturing the TNA World Tag Team championships against an equally formidable tag team the Beer Money, it finally solidifies their standing as among the elites in the Wrestling  Tag Teams division. With youth and their legions of fans at their side, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley had an even brighter future ahead of them.

Download and relive MCMG Tag Teams Champion via this grunge Wallpaper tribute into your PC, Mobile Phones, Laptap, iPhones, iPod and other gadgets.

BWA Wrestling Wallpapers presents – The TNA Tag Team Champions Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin – The Motor City Machine Guns!!

New! Victory Road 2010 Match Card Wallpaper!

TNA Victory Road Wallpaper / TNA Wallpaper / Wrestling Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1440×900 | 1920×1200 HD

So far here’s the current line up for the up coming TNA Pay-Per-View “Victory Road 2010”


Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss vs. (c) Rob Van Dam


Ric Flair vs. Jay Lethal


#10 Kurt Angle VS #8 “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero


Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez


(Win by either Submission or claiming the Ultimate X)

Kendrick vs. (c) Douglas Williams


Winners Become The New Titleholders

Beer Money vs. The Motor City Machine Guns


Angelina Love vs. (c) Madison Rayne


Brother Ray vs. Jesse Neal vs. Brother Devon


It’s just days away and I can’t hardly wait to see whose gonna come out the World Heavyweight champion after the Main Event. Abyss returning to being the monster that he once was, Mr. Anderson the cocky a–whole (a friend of a foe of Hardy?), the Whole F’n show (it seems that this time the odds are against  him)…

Will Kurt Angle continue his winning streak to reach the top of the contenders ladder? or will the returning The Pope disgruntled it?

It’s the battle of  today’s best Tag Teams as the Beer Money inc. faces Motor City Machine Guns for the Tag Team championship gold!

Can Douglas Williams continue to hold on to the X-Division supremacy or will Brian Kendrick snatch the title away from him this time?

Madison Rayne will surely have her hands full as she goes one on one against Angelina Love…

Would Jay Lethal finally get his revenge on the Nature Boy Ric Flair for beating his brother at last weeks  TNA iMPACT via a big win over the legend?

Can Hernandez finally complete his revenge against the “Blue Print” Matt Morgan in a steel cage? or will Morgan show once again his wit and dominance over Supermex?


Sparks fly as…

BWA presents the TNA Victory Road 2010 Match Card Wallpaper!!

New Motor City Machine Guns Wallpaper!

MCMG Wallpaper / Motor City Machine Guns Wallpaper / Alex Shelley Wallpaper / Chris Sabin Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | iPhone – Alex | iPhone – Chris | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper

1280×800 | 1440×900 | 1920×1200 HD

Both Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley hails from Detroit Michigan, and as part of  the Team “Motor City Machine Guns”, TNA fans do know what to expect from this two highly talented duo. Excitements and dangers are all part of their matches truly defining what TNA stands for and thats’ Total-Non-Stop- Action Wrestling!!

Want to know what the future of wrestling looks like?..well just watch them and you’ll know…

BWA Wrestling Wallpapers presents Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley – The Motor City Machine Guns!!

New Alex Shelley Wallpaper!

Alex Shelley Wallpaper / TNA Wallpaper / Motor City Machine Guns

PSP Wallpaper | 800×600 | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1440×900 | 1920×1200 HD

Patrick Martin better known as Alex Shelley, is an American professional wrestler currently a part of TNA Wrestling roster where he is a former TNA X Division Champion. He previously gained fame on the independent circuit, working most notably for Ring of Honor, as well as in Japan, for Pro Wrestling Zero1-Max. He currently teams with Chris Sabin as The Motor City Machineguns.

Forget the hype, and just see how he wrestled and one might see how talented this guy is – and a bigger push is what he truly deserves…

BWA Wrestling Wallpapers presents Alex Shelley!!

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