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New! Zombie Flesh Eater Wallpaper!

Zombi 2 Wallpaper / Zombie Flesh Eater Wallpaper / Zombie Wallpaper

PSP Wallpaper | PS3 Wallpaper | 1280×800 | 1920×1200 HD

One of my favorite Zombie flicks. It has lots of gore and a bit of nudity in here. Directed by Italian horror legend Lucio Fulci, Zombi 2  or (Zombie Flesh Eater 1979) offers another take on the zombie genre as this time it has a bit of black magic and voodoo instead of the usual chemical or toxic outbreak as the cause of the barrage of the undead returning to life to devour the living. Two of my most favorite scenes here are the zombie vs. shark showdown underwater and the lady with her eye’s gouged out by the piece of wood as the zombie pulls her in the hair towards it.

The zombie feasts is a not to be missed scene as well, of course that’s if your okay with gory scenes, lol…

Here’s a simple tribute to the classic Zombi film by the legendary Lucio Fulci.

BWA Wallpapers presents Lucio Fulci’s Zombie Flesh Eater Wallpaper!!

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