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IMPACT Wrestling Wallpaper!

IMPACT Wrestling Wallpaper / New Impact Wallpaper

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“Wrestling Matters Here!…”

As part of the re launch of TNA ‘s flagship program, TNA Impact! will now be called “Impact Wrestling” with the tag line “Wrestling Matters Here”. Emphasizing the importance of and nature of the show as it is Wrestling in the first place. Now it shouldn’t be just a tag line but rather a step towards giving more wrestling action that the fans would love if it is to become effective. I hope this time the creative team of TNA will finally give the push to the younger talents and develop more interesting angles in the process. The Knockouts department needs to be a showcase of  womens wrestling again as it was known in their earlier days.

So here’s an updated – revamped version…Where Wrestling Matters!

BWA Wrestling Wallpaper presents the 2011 Roster of  IMPACT Wrestling Wallpaper!

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