New Destination X Wallpaper!

Destination X 2010 Wallpaper / Ultimate X Wallpaper / TNA Wallpaper

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New Destination X Wallpaper! “Ultimate X”

Considered as the “signature match of the X Division!”. “Ultimate X Challenge” is not for the paint of hearts as this match demands accuracy, stamina, speed and the guts to be able to hang on to the ropes to get the prize “X” or the ” XDivision title” for when you made a mistake a fall could be fatal.

An exciting and innovative match that showcase the immense talents of the X-Division rosters and the perfect fit to TNA’s Non Stop brand of Actions in the ring.

BWA presents – The Ultimate X Wallpaper!! Destination X Wallpaper!!

Featuring the Stars of the No Limits – X Division roster ;

from left to right

Homicide, Alex Shelley, Amazing Red, Cris Sabin, Kazarian, Doug Williams (current X-Division Champion), Jay Lethal, and Shannon More


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